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LA JOLIE MUSE Dryades Planter - 14" Diameter White

LA JOLIE MUSE Dryades Planter - 14" Diameter White

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* Honeycomb Design - Place this minimalist statement piece outdoors in patio, deck, garden or indoors in living room, bedroom, study room or on any corners to add a touch of elegance.

* Sturdy & Durable - Made from premium recyclable plastic, this planter is firm and stable to meet different planting needs.

* Spacious & Versatile - Size: 14(D)*11.8(H)*8.7(BD) inch. Spacious with deep pot space to suit: fiddle leaf fig tree, snake plant, spider plant, aloe vera, money tree, pothos, artificial tree etc. (Plants not included)- NO EQUIPPED DRAINAGE HOLE

* Weather Resistant - Capable in withstanding intensive weather conditions and changing temperatures

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