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Asparagus Fern in Byun Ceramics Pot

Asparagus Fern in Byun Ceramics Pot

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Plant: Asparagus Fern.

Planter: Handmade by Julie Byun in Portland, PDX. 

Dimensions: 6" diameter, 3.5" high

Note: Price includes plant and pot. Soil is covered with preserved moss.

Local pick-up and delivery only.

About Fern Asparagus:

Fern Asparagus, scientifically referred to as Asparagus setaceus or commonly known as the "Asparagus Fern," is a plant that exhibits delicate, feathery foliage. Despite its name, it's not a true fern but rather a member of the asparagus family. This plant is cherished for its graceful appearance and is often used as a decorative addition to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Asparagus Fern features long, thin stems covered in soft, needle-like leaves that give it a distinctive, airy look. It is prized for its ability to thrive in diverse environments, including both bright and partially shaded locations. As a relatively adaptable plant, it can be grown as a potted houseplant or utilized in garden landscapes.

While the Asparagus Fern does require some care, it's generally considered low-maintenance. Regular watering and occasional fertilization contribute to its overall health and vibrancy. Its versatile nature makes it a versatile choice for adding a touch of elegance to various settings, whether as an indoor decoration or an outdoor green accent.

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