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Asparagus Fern in Annie's Potteries Pot

Asparagus Fern in Annie's Potteries Pot

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Plant: Asparagus Fern.

Planter: Handmade by Annie Wong in New York. 

Dimensions: 4" diameter, 4" high

Note: Price includes plant and pot. Soil is covered with preserved moss.

Local pick-up and delivery only. 

About Fern Asparagus:

With its delicate, feather-like foliage, the Asparagus Fern boasts a unique appearance. Its lengthy, slender stems are adorned with soft, needle-shaped leaves. This distinct combination creates an airy and graceful visual effect. Its adaptability is a key feature, as it flourishes in a wide range of conditions, from well-lit areas to spots with partial shade. This versatility allows it to thrive as a potted houseplant or to be incorporated into garden landscapes.

Although some care is needed, the Asparagus Fern is generally considered undemanding. Regular watering and intermittent fertilization are essential for maintaining its vitality and vigor. Its flexibility makes it an excellent choice for introducing an element of sophistication to diverse surroundings, whether it's used as an indoor ornament or an outdoor touch of greenery.

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