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MINIMUM DESIGN 3D Printed Planter - Origami

MINIMUM DESIGN 3D Printed Planter - Origami

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Planters by Minimum Design are made in France using 3D printers. Using this cutting-edge technology, they are able to create objects with unique shapes and sophisticated patterns.

Inspired by origami art, the Origami planter has sharp geometric lines. It is made of a blend of recycled wood and bioplastic. Due to the nature of this vegetal and eco-friendly material, the color of each planter may slightly vary.


– Small: inner diameter 5.5 cm x height 5.5 cm

– Medium: inner diameter 8,5 cm x height 8 cm

– Large: inner diameter 12 cm x height 11 cm

The Origami planter doesn't have a drainage hole, thus it should be used as a cache pot. Fortunately, the 2", 3", and 4" nursery pots can fit perfectly in the small, medium, and large pots, respectively.

Plant not included.

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