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VASESOURCE - Ivory Horizontal Ridged Round Fibercement Planter

VASESOURCE - Ivory Horizontal Ridged Round Fibercement Planter

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The ridged collection is a classic collection with round-shaped pottery and planters available in all kinds of small and basic sizes. The pots have a delicately ribbed surface which makes them sturdy but elegant classics. The characteristic planters from the ridged collection are made from ficonstone and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Ficonstone is a material made of fiberglass cement sand and finely ground stone. Ficonstone has a natural feeling and is slightly heavier than fiberstone. The difference between fiberstone and ficonstone is the weight and finishing. But the biggest advantage of this collection is the price. With a lower budget, the ficonstone family is the perfect choice. The material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in any weather

Height: 14.57"
Widest diameter: 16.54"
Lower diameter: 15.35"

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