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Glass Jar Terrarium with Wooden Lid

Glass Jar Terrarium with Wooden Lid

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These terrariums are crafted in our store. The arrangement in each terrarium will vary based on the shape of the driftwood and the types of plants that are available.

These items can not be shipped. Local pick-up and delivery only. Please allow 7 days to prepare.

Full spectrum spot light is not included.

What is terrarium?

A terrarium is a sealed or partially enclosed container designed to create a controlled environment for plants. The container can be made of glass or plastic and is designed to mimic a natural habitat for the contained organisms. Terrariums often have a lid or cover that helps maintain humidity and moisture levels within the enclosure.

Terrariums can come in various sizes and styles, ranging from open containers with a few plants to fully enclosed ecosystems. They are popular for decorative purposes and are often used as indoor plant displays. The closed nature of some terrariums creates a self-sustaining environment where the water cycle is regulated through condensation and evaporation, reducing the need for frequent watering.

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