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CAPRA DESIGNS Frill Feature Planter - 6" Diameter

CAPRA DESIGNS Frill Feature Planter - 6" Diameter

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Dimensions: 6.29’’ X 7.87’’

Frill Feature Planters are a collection of hand-made pots made by Capra Designs, a company based in Australia. The pots are designed by Bianca Lambert and Juliette Gambert and are made using a small batch production process, which allows the company to minimize waste and maximize quality. Each pot is skillfully hand-made and has a unique geometric feature on its side, either a Zip or a Frill. The irregularities in color and pattern of each finished product are a result of the hand-making process and are a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into each pot. It is recommended to choose three of the same type in different colors to create a stylish collection.

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