Amydrium Medium Silver - 2" Pot

Amydrium Medium Silver - 2" Pot

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The Amydrium Medium Silver is a stunning and rare climbing plant with textured blueish silver foliage. It is sometimes referred to as the "Spiderman Monstera" despite not being part of the Monstera genus, but is part of the Aroid family. This plant originates from the rainforests of southeast Asia and is known for its impressive transition from small leaves with minor fenestrations to highly fenestrated leaves as it matures.

The Amydrium Medium Silver is also a low-maintenance plant, which makes it an ideal choice for plant enthusiasts. In its natural habitat, the plant uses its roots to climb the trunks of nearby trees. To ensure it does not grow long, leafless stems, it is essential to provide it with something to climb, such as a coco pole.

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