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Song of India

Song of India

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Plant: Dracaena reflexa aka Song of India.

Planter: Stacking planter by Areaware. 

Dimensions: 8" diameter, 8" high.

Note: Price includes plant and pot. Soil is covered with preserved moss.

Local pick-up and delivery only.

About Song of India plant:

The Song of India plant, scientifically known as Dracaena reflexa var. angustifolia, is a captivating and popular houseplant recognized for its striking foliage. Native to Madagascar and other Indian Ocean islands, this plant has found its way into homes and interior spaces across the globe due to its aesthetic appeal.

With its vivid green leaves that feature bright yellow stripes running along the edges, the Song of India plant adds a touch of vibrancy to any room. It typically grows as a tall, upright shrub and can be easily cultivated as an indoor ornamental plant. The contrasting colors of its foliage create a visually pleasing effect, making it a desirable choice for decoration.

This plant is known for its adaptability to indoor conditions and is relatively low-maintenance. It can tolerate varying levels of light, from moderate to bright indirect light, and can endure occasional drying out between watering. These attributes make it an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of nature to their living spaces without requiring an extensive care routine.

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