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Scindapsus Sterling aka Scindapsus treubii Moonlight

Scindapsus Sterling aka Scindapsus treubii Moonlight

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Scindapsus Sterling, also known as Scindapsus treubii Moonlight, has several special characteristics that make it a sought-after plant among houseplant enthusiasts.

One of the most striking features of Scindapsus Sterling is its variegated foliage. The leaves have a beautiful mix of green and silver or grayish variegation. The unique combination of colors adds visual interest and makes it an eye-catching plant for indoor spaces.

Like other Scindapsus species, Scindapsus Sterling is a climbing plant. It produces long trailing vines that can be trained to climb up trellises, poles, or allowed to cascade down from hanging baskets or shelves. This growth habit allows for creative and versatile display options, making it a popular choice for indoor gardening.

Scindapsus Sterling is generally considered to be a relatively low-maintenance plant. It can adapt to a wide range of light conditions, including moderate to bright indirect light. It can also tolerate average room humidity levels and is not overly demandi

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