Carmon's Event Venue

Carmon's has transformed a historic Trolley barn into an industrial event venue, offering a stunning space suitable for a diverse array of occasions such as weddings, concerts, and fundraising events. We helped introduce a touch of nature to the expansive 10,000 square feet area. Collaborating with Lumbering Behemoth, we meticulously designed and crafted eight sizeable planters using rich black walnut. These planters have been ingeniously designed for mobility, allowing effortless adjustments to suit various event configurations.

Within each planter, a vibrant assortment of tropical foliage, including Aglaonema, Monstera, and Philodendron, flourishes abundantly. To infuse vertical grandeur into the overall aesthetic, majestic Fiddle Leaf Figs gracefully emerge from each planter. Our commitment extended beyond installation, as we provided comprehensive weekly maintenance for all the plants in this project. This service includes cleansing, pruning, styling, and vigilant pest management, ensuring that Carmon's remains adorned with thriving greenery at all times.