Keri Powell Therapy

Keri Powell Therapy offers counseling services catering to mental health and substance abuse treatment, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to delivering paramount respect and excellence. With this objective in mind, we endeavored to establish a serene ambiance within the reception area, fostering an environment where clients are enveloped in a sense of hospitality and tranquility upon their arrival.

To achieve this, we strategically positioned two expansive Bird of Paradise plants alongside a pair of Snake plants near the entrance windows. These verdant additions not only contribute to the aesthetic but also convey encouragement and a touch of playfulness. Accompanying these plants are heartening and lighthearted messages like "I'm rootin' for ya" and "I will survive." These uplifting phrases serve as a reminder of the supportive journey our clients are embarking upon.

Positioned away from the windows, we carefully arranged low-light adaptable plants such as Aglaonema, Dracaena, and ZZ plants amidst the seating and tables. This deliberate placement envelops clients in a soothing natural ambiance during their visit. Additionally, to uphold the vitality of this greenery, we provided biweekly maintenance services for all the plants in this project.