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Aglaonema Silverbay aka Chinese Evergreen Plant (Various Sizes)

Aglaonema Silverbay aka Chinese Evergreen Plant (Various Sizes)

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*Decorative pot and stand are sold separately.

Aglaonema Silverbay is a highly sought-after houseplant known for its stunning foliage and ease of care. It is prized for its large, elongated leaves that grow on upright stems. The leaves have a lanceolate shape and a glossy texture. The coloration of the leaves is predominantly green, but with beautiful silver-gray markings or veins that create a striking contrast. The silver variegation gives it an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Aglaonema Silverbay thrives in moderate to low light conditions. It can tolerate indirect or filtered light, making it suitable for areas away from direct sunlight or rooms with limited natural light. However, it's important to note that extremely low light levels can affect the intensity of the silver variegation on the leaves.

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