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Ficus Pumila Quercifolia aka String Of Frogs

Ficus Pumila Quercifolia aka String Of Frogs

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Ficus pumila Quercifolia is a variety of the Ficus pumila, commonly known as the Creeping Fig. It is a small, evergreen vine that is native to eastern Asia, but is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant in many parts of the world. The Quercifolia variety is known for its small, oak-like leaves, which are green and lobed, resembling the leaves of an oak tree.

This plant is often used as a ground cover or as a climbing vine, and can grow up to 20-30 feet (6-9 meters) long. It attaches itself to walls, fences, and trees with tiny aerial roots and can cover large areas with its dense foliage. In addition to its attractive leaves, Ficus pumila Quercifolia produces small, greenish-white flowers that are followed by small, edible fruits that are similar in appearance to figs, but are not commonly consumed.

Ficus pumila Quercifolia is relatively easy to care for and is tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. It prefers a well-draining soil and should be watered regularly, but not over-watered. The plant can be grown in full sun to partial shade, but may need protection from hot, direct sunlight in warmer climates. It can also be propagated by stem cuttings or by layering.

Ficus pumila Quercifolia is a popular plant for covering walls and fences, as well as for use in hanging baskets and terrariums. Its attractive foliage and ease of care make it a favorite among gardeners and indoor plant enthusiasts.

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