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Anthurium magnificum - 4" Pot

Anthurium magnificum - 4" Pot

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*Decorative pot and stand are sold separately.

Anthurium magnificum is a species of flowering plant in the family Araceae, native to Colombia and Ecuador. It is an epiphytic plant, which means it grows on trees in its natural habitat. The leaves of Anthurium magnificum are large, heart-shaped, and dark green in color. They can grow up to 1 meter long and 50 cm wide.

The plant produces long-lasting, greenish-white spathes that surround the spadix, which contains the actual flowers. The flowers are small and clustered together on the spadix. Anthurium magnificum is a popular ornamental plant because of its large, attractive leaves and unique flowers. It is often grown as a houseplant and requires warm, humid conditions with bright, indirect light.

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