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Aphelandra squarrosa aka Zebra Plant

Aphelandra squarrosa aka Zebra Plant

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Aphelandra squarrosa, commonly known as Zebra Plant, is a tropical houseplant appreciated for its striking foliage and vibrant yellow flowers. 

The Zebra Plant features large, glossy leaves with bold green stripes that resemble zebra patterns, hence its common name. The contrasting stripes against the dark green background make it a visually appealing plant. The leaves are oval-shaped and have prominent veins.

While the foliage of the Zebra Plant is its main attraction, it also produces beautiful, showy flowers. The flowers are yellow and can emerge from tall, erect stems, adding a pop of color to the plant. The flowers are tubular in shape and have a bract-like structure that surrounds them.

The Zebra Plant is a compact and bushy plant that typically reaches a height of about 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 cm) indoors. It forms a dense rosette of leaves and does not have a vining or trailing habit.

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