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LEADHEAD GLASS - The Mendel Terrarium

LEADHEAD GLASS - The Mendel Terrarium

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For all the Art Deco fans, this terrarium would be a great addition to your home, giving a classic victorian wardian case a twist with a fun deco roof. A great planter for your taller items, we love putting our orchids in this piece, or any other indoor plants that deserves a special home. With a tall design that is narrow enough to fit on a bookshelf, it is a great gift for those that have a little less counter space. Show off those succulents and air plants you've been hoarding or if this is your first terrarium go nuts with all of the great miniature plants that are available today. This planter is sure to make you smile and bring a bold modern design to your indoor garden. The Mendal wardian case features a distinctive geometric roof design with art deco styling.

Dimensions: 12"L X 6"W X 18"H

All terrariums include a fitted plastic liner.

The Mendel takes its name from Gregor Mendel, the founder of modern Genetics. In 1866 Gregor published his seminal work on the r

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