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Pilea peperomioides aka Chinese Money Plant

Pilea peperomioides aka Chinese Money Plant

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Plant: Chinese money plant

Planter: Greenery Unlimited Fondra Pot (Color: Black)

Note: Price includes plant and pot. Local pick-up and delivery only. 

About Chinese money plant:

Chinese money plant, scientifically known as Pilea peperomioides or pancake plant, originates from the Yunnan province in southern China. With its glossy leaves and simple care requirements, it has become a popular choice among indoor plants.

Characterized by its ease of maintenance, this plant flourishes under a variety of lighting conditions, ranging from dim to bright indirect light. Its resilience to drought and ability to endure periods of neglect make it particularly suitable for individuals with limited time for plant upkeep.

While it can thrive outdoors in warm and humid environments, Pilea peperomioides is predominantly cultivated as an indoor plant in other parts of the world.

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