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Dracaena JC Compacta - Bush Form

Dracaena JC Compacta - Bush Form

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*Decorative pot and stand are sold separately.

Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta is a cultivar of Dracaena deremensis, a species of tropical plant in the family Asparagaceae. The cultivar 'Janet Craig Compacta' is known for its compact size and is a popular plant in cultivation. It is native to tropical regions of Africa and is often grown as a houseplant in temperate regions.

One of the things that makes Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta special is its ability to tolerate a wide range of growing conditions. It can adapt to low light levels, making it a good choice for areas of the home that do not receive much natural light. It is also known for its ability to filter toxins from the air, making it a popular choice for use in interior landscaping.

To care for Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta, it is important to provide the plant with bright, indirect light and to keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy.

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